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Welcome, my little tradeshow grasshopper. Have you overheard quietly whispered tales of the elusive tradeshow ninja, or have you been told about unconfirmed possible sightings of the elusory tradeshow ninja among the most successful tradeshow booths at the most lively, bustling, and busy tradeshows, conventions, and expos? Have you come here seeking the wisdom and mentoring of the evanescent tradeshow ninja? Are you searching for the secret to successful trade show marketing? Do you want to know the keys to being the best tradeshow exhibitor at the show? Do you want to make sure your tradeshow booth stands out from all the other tradeshow booths at the show? Do you want to draw the biggest crowd and generate the most tradeshow leads? Do you wish to learn how tradeshow marketing is like any other kind of marketing, and how is it that marketing ninjas succeed? Are you tired of reading questions, and what to read answers? Do you want to know the SECRET of the TRADESHOW NINJA, and do you want to know it NOW? Well, patience, my little tradeshow grasshopper... Rome was not built in a day, nor are successful tradeshow strategies or trade show booths conceived, created, or built in a moment. As they say, patience is a virtue.


Tradeshow marketing is war. The weak do not survive. There are winners, and there are losers. Don't be fooled. Not everyone with a tradeshow booth at the show can stand out. Not everyone can be number one (actually, only one can be number one). It is those who plan and act, and act boldly, those who have learned of and embraced the teachings and philosophies or the tradeshow ninja, those tradeshow ninja minions, those chosen few, they are the ones who reap the spoils of the show...


To learn the secret of the tradeshow ninja, you must open your mind... you must not enter with preconceptions, you must be aware of the big picture, but also focus on the details. You must see the forest, and the trees. You must hear the bug as it walks across a leaf, and sense the drop of dew about to drip from said leaf. You must expand your senses.

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Be A Ninja and Think Outside the Box

One simple step to being a trade show ninja is to think and act like a ninja. A ninja doesn't follow the crowd, or jump on the latest bandwagon. A ninja thinks for himself (or herself) and does things that are unique and different. A trade show ninja would never simple walk around a trade show and then copy the latest fad in trade show booth design. A trade show ninja is not a trade show copycat! Don't think be a trade show generic. Be a trade show warhol. Create a tradeshow booth that is one-of-a-kind, and that SURPRISES people (just like a ninja would). You want your audience to say "wow... why didn't I think of that" and not "hmmm.... that's the fifth tradeshow booth I've seen today which has just copied and regurgitate that already dated and mundane idea. Think different. Be different. And be better.

About the TradeShow Ninja

this is not the tradeshow ninjaSo who is the TradeShow Ninja, you may ask? Well, I am not the world's most interesting man, though I certainly admire him and wouldn't mind living his life. I don't skydive or cliff dive, or wrestle rattlesnakes. And I drink beer more than just occasionally, but it's not Dos Equis. By day I work at a tradeshow booths company, and if you want to know what company that is, you can simply look for the link in the text above (use your ninja skills, my tradeshow grasshopper!) By night I (occasionally) practice ninja moves with my young son, so that one day I may become a true ninja. In the meantime, I am just the tradeshow ninja. Check back regularly to learn of more of my adventures, tales, and exploits, and to hopefully also learn a bit more about how to be a successful tradeshow marketer!

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